Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good Times, Come to Me Now...

The opening hook to "Reaper Repo" by 808 State ( is a great little sample... Good times come to me now... Good times come to me now... Throw that into a loop and use it to lead into "Everybody's Free" by Rozalla ( That's about where my head is now.

Well, that and thinking about COBRA payments.

Friday was my last day as a Citrix employee. It was a great three years that started as with NetScaler as a $10M company, grew to a $40M business, led to a $320M acquisition, and ended with having product line management ownership of all network security products. Not a bad run. During my time there I made a great number of friends that I hope to be able to work with again in the future. However, the time had come to take a stab at something new...

As of Monday, I have a few consulting gigs that I'm starting up. The work is a bit of a switch as the focus will be more around content creation for product marketing than product strategy. I'll be working on this approach for now as it affords me the luxury of trying out new things in well defined projects to start with. It also lets me spend some of my time looking into other opportunities outside of the immediate work. I expect the whole process to be quite a bit of fun. :-)

For more information about me as a consultant, take a look at my new billboard on the Internet:


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