Thursday, February 08, 2007

IM-Speech in Writing

With another post getting a bit long in the tooth, I thought I'd at least get this off my mind...

Students using IM-chat lingo in schoolwork is becoming increasingly common. I'm not entirely surprised as I was guilty of BBS-speak leaking into my schoolwork many moons ago. Fortunately, my teachers killed that problem early, quickly, and with a ferocity that took me years to appreciate.

What surprises me are the number of college educated adults that use IM-speak in emails. This trend isn't limited to techno-heads (programmers, etc.) that could argue Hungarian notation made them do it, but from executives that make their living by being communicators! The resulting emails are often painful to read, full of ambiguous statements ("ur"), and all around unprofessional.

So a call to the small handful of readers that I do have -- help me squash this trend. Really, I don't think Wyeth (the makers of Advil) produce enough pain relievers in a year to read many more of these emails.


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