Friday, May 18, 2007

Random Aside: C2C at DMC 2004

It's Friday afternoon and time for a quick break from the norm...

As I've mentioned before, I DJ as a hobby. You can even hear some of my mixes, if you're so inclined. One of the stranger side effects of having practiced this skill for 13 years now is that I tend to listen to music with an ear towards production with an electronica filter. I hear layers. I hear loops. I hear segments of music as if they were to be assembled and post-processed. I can even fall out of phase with a beat which is very odd thing to experience. It makes listening to albums like Brothers Gonna Work It Out by the Chemical Brothers quite fun.

That said, hearing a live album with all of the little warts that come with it is always a good time. Hearing a live DJ do something creative -- even better. Now this video is just stunning...

C2C, the winners of the 2004 DMC competition have their video posted over at YouTube. This is absolutely incredible. Five turntables, four mixers, and four DJs, assembling a unique song by piecing together elements of other songs in real time. The individual elements are very simple, short segments of various other songs in their elemental form (e.g., just a piano piece, just a drum loop, just a vocal sample, etc.) so they usually have three to five turntables adding to the final song at any given moment. Even if you don't regularly listen to electronica (or it's many sub-genres), it's worth giving this five minute video a spin. It's true artistry with musical influence from many other genres, including some (really) old school Bollywood.


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