Sunday, December 03, 2006

French Toast

I'm loathe to drive to Palo Alto to eat. It isn't that it's a horrible place -- quite the contrary it has great restaurants and nice atmosphere. But mention University Ave. to me and all I have are nightmares of trying to find a place to park.

I was however willing to take a chance that Saturday morning breakfast wouldn't be too bad. Aside from a few coffee shops, most of the eats around University Ave. are lunch/dinner kinds of places. So having seen the choices of bread there during a business lunch, I decided to take The Smarter Half and The Boy to Il Fornaio on Cowper and University. I stuck with the breakfast bread basket and coffee and the Smarter Half did the french toast.

The bread basket is just a variety of breads toasted up and served with jam. Good bread, good coffee. Wouldn't drive 30 miles just to have it though.

But the french toast. Oh My God, the french toast. Best French Toast, Ever. The genius that made this didn't just have toasted egg batter on top of bread. No, no, no... It was in the bread. Delicious, oh so yummy bread. The whole thing, with just a hint of syrup, melted in your mouth after doing the dance of joy. This, my friends, is a french toast worth driving 30 miles to eat.

If you have the opportunity to take a visit, I highly recommend it.


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